Note: This story updates our print edition.

Municipal elections will be held around the state on March 6, and the East Mountains and Estancia Valley will see several contested races.

In Edgewood, two council seats are up: one currently held by Rita Loy Simmons and another by Linda Holle, who is running for the position again.

Also in the race are former town councilor Glenn Felton, former Moriarty-Edgewood School District board member Audrey Jaramillo, Susan Simons, an animal advocate who has run previously for mayor, and Ivonne Riley.

This year Tijeras reduces the size of its village council from five seats to four, and will have three incumbents among those seeking two seats.

Incumbents Jake Bruton, Felix Garcia and David Wilson are facing challenges from Ernestina King, Michael Jaffa, Danny Jaramillo, Jeffrey Claypool, Santiago Chavez and Wilma Garcia.

In Moriarty, Ted Hart is running unopposed for his third term as mayor, which he said Wednesday will be his last. He has served three terms on the city council and two as mayor. Incumbents Kimberly Garcia and Dennis Shanfeldt are running again, and face opposition from Richard Jonathan Ipiotis.

In Estancia, three people are running for a 4-year term as mayor: Nathan M. Dial, Albert L. Lovato and Manuel A. Romero.

On the town’s board of trustees, there are two seats for 4-year terms and one for a 2-year term.

Running for 4-year terms are Cory Dryden, formerly on the board of trustees and mayor, Noah Joshua Sedillo, Mark A. Martinez and J. Morrow Hall, currently on the board.

Running for the 2-year term are Stella Chavez and Glenda J. Page.

There are three candidates for municipal judge in Estancia as well, Martin A. Lucero, Michelle M. Schmidt and Bruce R. Dile.

Mountainair has three candidates for mayor, town councilor Peter Nieto, Edwina “George” Hewett, and Ernie Lopez.

It also has six candidates for two 4-year terms on the town council. Those are incumbent Juanita Monica Carrillo, Jeremy L. Oliver, Kathy L. Anglin, Philip David Nelson, Samantha Sullenger and Jose (Richard) Torres.

Another 4-year term, for municipal judge, is being sought by James R. Frazier, Marion J. Riley, Anthony C. Medina and Delia Ernestine Ferguson.

Candidates must be certified before they will appear on the ballot, meaning their residence and eligibility status will be checked.

With the deadline at 5 p.m. as The Independent went to press, Mountainair was the only town which posted its candidates online; town clerks were not reachable after hours. Visit today, Jan. 10, for updated races in other area towns.

Elections will be held in Tijeras, Edgewood, Moriarty, Estancia, Willard and Mountainair. The village of Willard could not be reached before this story was published.