Edgewood Police Chief Ron Crow wants the public to check bank statements for unusual activity—especially people in the habit of paying bills by check using the outside mailboxes at the post office in town.

Crow said one of the mailboxes was recently damaged, and had mail stolen from it. And in the past few days, questionable transactions have happened at Edgewood stores.

The chief said identities are being stolen this way: A person’s check is stolen from the mailbox. Then new checks are printed with the real account number and routing number, but a different name on the check. That means there is nothing there to flag the retailer that the check is fraudulent.

The checks are being cashed at retailers around Edgewood including Smith’s and Walmart, he said.

Police hope to match the time stamp a check was cashed with video footage—meaning time is of the essence because some of those video records are on timers.

“If [members of the public] are frequently dropping mail to the outside box at the Edgewood Post Office, especially last month, do a close examination of your bank records. This is somebody local, based on where these checks are being spent.”

Crow concluded, “If we can find out when a check was cashed, we can get a face.”

To report a questionable bank transaction, contact the Edgewood Police Department at 505-281-5717.

Leota Harriman
Leota Harriman

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