The Forest Service announced last week it is postponing three prescribed fires planned for the Sandia Ranger District.

The Forest Service also announced an open house Sept. 29 to discuss those upcoming burns.

The David Canyon and Sulphur prescribed burns were pushed back after Oct. 10 “as soon as conditions are favorable,” according to a Forest Service press release.

The open house will be held from 4:30 to 6 p.m. at the Sandia Ranger District in Tijeras.

The David Canyon prescribed fire is planned for up to 150 acres, approximately 6 miles south of Tijeras. “This will be a broadcast burn, meaning that hand ignitions will be used to ignite ground fuels over a widespread area within a clearly defined perimeter,” the press release says.

The Sulphur prescribed fire will treat up to 170 acres about a mile west of Sandia Park. According to the Forest Service, this is also planned as a broadcast burn.

A third planned fire, the Hondo prescribed burn, will treat up to 110 acres around a mile west-southwest of Sandia Park. “This will be a pile burn, meaning that slash and dead forest fuels will be stacked into individual mounds that will be ignited when conditions are favorable,” the press release says.

The Hondo prescribed burn has been postponed as well, but no new dates have yet been set.

Forest Service personnel will discuss the planned prescribed burns, answer questions and address concerns by the public. For information, contact the Ranger District at 505-281-3304.

Additionally, a planned prescribed burn in the Mountainair Ranger District is being “postponed for a couple of weeks,” according to Arlene Perea of the Forest Service, who added, “The ventilation predictions for next week are not conducive to our smoke management goals so Mountainair District fire officials have decided to postpone the planned burn.”

That burn would treat about 250 acres east of Forest Road 422, south of Forest Road 253 and north of Forest Road 275.

The Forest Service said the area has been thinned, and the prescribed burn is to “burn excess material left behind after the thinning operation.”