Unofficial results of the Primary Election yesterday are in, with 100% of precincts reporting in Bernalillo, Santa Fe and Torrance counties.

Many races were unopposed in the Primary. Selected results are posted below, including in-county total for some statewide races.

In the race for Governor, incumbent Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham was unopposed in the primary. A crowded race of Republicans saw March Ronchetti come out on top with 58% and 68,270 votes statewide; Rebecca Dow got 15%; Gregory Zanetti got 14%; Jay Block got 11% and Ethel Maharg got 2%. Libertarian Karen Bedonie got 967 votes for 94% while write-in Ginger Grider got 65 votes.

In the Attorney General’s race, Democrat Raúl Torrez got 53% with 72,644 votes statewide to Brian Colón’s 63,226 votes. Republican Jeremy Gay was unopposed in the Primary.

The Secretary of State’s race was uncontested by Maggie Toulouse Oliver, the incumbent and a Democrat; Republican Audrey Trujillo, and Libertarian Mayna Myers. The three will face off in the November General Election.

Seats in the state House of Representatives are up for election this year. In District 22, which represents parts of Torrance County and the East Mountains, Democrat Augustine Montoya was unopposed, and incumbent Republican Stefani Lord was unopposed. They will face off in the General Election in November.

In District 50, which represents part of Torrance County and the East Mountains, incumbent and Democrat Matthew McQueen was unopposed in the Primary, and no Republican ran for the position.

In District 70, which includes part of Torrance County and the Estancia Valley, Democrat Ambrose Castellano edged out challenger Anita Amalia Gonzales by 77 votes. Castellano got 2,053 votes for 51%, while Gonzales got 1,976 votes. There was no Republican running for the seat.

Torrance County

David Frazee

In Torrance County, challenger David Frazee won over incumbent Martin Rivera and Pete Golden in the Republican primary. There were no Democrats in the race for Torrance County Sheriff.

Frazee got 948 votes and 55% of the total votes; Rivera got 525 votes for 31% and Golden got 243 votes for 14%.

Incumbent Torrance County commissioners Kevin McCall and Ryan Schwebach were both unopposed and both got 404 votes, with no Democrats seeking the positions.

Craig Davis won the Republican primary for Torrance County Magistrate Judge; Davis got 959 votes and 62% to Ray Sharbutt’s 595 votes for 38%.

Bobby Garcia was unopposed for the position as a Democrat, and got 606 votes.

Ambrose Castellano came out on top of the State Representative District 70 seat in Torrance County with 55%.

Voters in Torrance County tilted hard for Mark Ronchetti in the Republican primary for Governor, with 1,189 voters or 69% voting for him; Gregory Zanetti got 13% in Torrance County, with Rebecca Dow at 10%, Jay Block at 7% and Ethel Maharg at 2% in the county. Incumbent Michelle Lujan Grisham was unopposed as a Democrat in the primary.

The Governor’s race also included two Libertarian candidates. Karen Bedonie got 14 votes in Torrance County for 100%; Ginger Griger, a write-in candidate, garnered no votes in Torrance County.

The Attorney General’s race pits Democrat Brian Colón at 331 votes for 46% and Raúl Torrez at 54% of Torrance County voters, with 390 votes.

Republican Jeremy Gay was unopposed and got 1,276 Torrance County votes.

In the race for Congress in District 1, Republican Michelle Garcia Holmes got 65% of Torrance County’s Republican voters, while Louie Sanchez got 35%. Melanie Ann Stansbury was unopposed as a Democrat for the position.

Santa Fe County

Camilla Bustamante

In Santa Fe County, challenger Camilla Bustamante unseated incumbent Rudy Nelson Garcia, beating both Garcia and fellow challenger Chris Rivera for the post. There were no Republicans running for the position which serves southern Santa Fe County.

Bustamante got 62% of the vote with 1,387 votes; Rivera got 24% with 511 votes, and Garcia got 14% with 300 votes.

Incumbent Sheriff Adan Mendoza came out on top, also with no Republican in the race. Mendoza got 56% with 11,244 votes to challenger David Webb’s 44% with 8,790 votes.

Democrat and incumbent Matthew McQueen ran for State Representative District 50 unopposed, with no Republican seeking the seat.

The race for Attorney General was closer in Santa Fe County, with Democrat Brian Colón at 51% with 10,258 votes and Raúl Torrez at 49% with 10,037 votes. Republican Jeremy Gay got 3,639 votes in Santa Fe County.

Santa Fe County Republicans also voted for Ronchetti by a large margin, giving him 67% with 3,100 votes. Jay Block and Gregory Zanetti both got 11%, with Rebecca Dow at 8% and Ethel Maharg at 2%.

The Republican race for Congress in District 1 in Santa Fe County went to Michelle Garcia Holmes in Santa Fe County, where she got 624 votes for 64% of the total versus 36% for Louie Sanchez with 426 votes. Melanie Ann Stansbury, incumbent, ran unopposed as a Democrat.

The District 3 Congressional race saw Teresa Leger Fernandez unopposed as a Democrat and Alexis Martinez Johnson unopposed as a Republican.

Bernalillo County

A crowded field in the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s race has been narrowed down to Republican Paul Pacheco, Democrat John D. Allen and Libertarian Kaelan Ashby Dreyer. Seven Democrats, four Republicans and one Libertarian joined the race.

John Allen

Democrat John Allen came out on top for the Democrats, with 18,457 votes and 41%. Rudy Mora got 27% with 12,145 votes; Patricio Ruiloba got 10%; with Matthew McCoy, Lawrence Koren, Philip Snedeker and Sheridan Lund all coming in at under 10%.

On the Republican side, Paul Pacheco got 48% with 14,707 votes; Dereck Allan Scott got 23% with 7,086 votes; Joshua Lawrence at 15% and David Bibb at 14%.

Libertarian Kaelan Dreyer was unopposed.

In the race for County Commission District 5, incumbent Democrat


Paul Pacheco

Charlene Pyskoty lost to challenger Eric Olivas. Olivas got 53% with

5,087 votes to Pyskoty’s 4,464 and 47%.

Republican Judy Young came out on top with 42% and 3,801 votes; Wayne Yevoli got 39% with 3,542 votes and Michael Eustice Jr. got 19% with 1,738 votes.

Olivas will face Young in the November General Election.

Bernalillo County Democrats favored Raúl Torrez over Brian Colón for Attorney General by 56% to 44%, respectively.


Charlene Pyskoty

Bernalillo County Republicans also went heavily for Mark Ronchetti, giving him 63% with 21,708 votes. Gregory Zanetti came in at 20% with 7,016; Rebecca Dow at 8%, Jay Block at 7% and Ethel Maharg at 2%.

Incumbent Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham was unopposed in the Primary Election.

Bernalillo County voters in Congressional District 2 gave 4,831 votes to Republican Yvette Herrell, unopposed. Democrat Gabriel Vasquez got 75% of the Democratic vote in the county with 6,780 votes.

Congressional District 1 saw Michelle Garcia Holmes come out on top with Republican voters in the county at 60% with 16,068 votes to Louie Sanchez’ 10,724 votes. Democrat Melanie Stansbury was unopposed in the race.

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