Questions for contributors to The Independent

The February 14-20 issue of The Independent has contributions from a confessed lifelong Republican who is now a swinger, and a confessed lifelong Democrat gaga over the elephant in a lion’s skin. It would help me immensely to understand the contemporary values landscape if each can briefly elucidate their current position on a few existential, and in some cases essential, matters.

Merritt and Cass (sounds like a law firm or 70s folk duo), I pose these questions to you:

Are you pro or con aggressive tailgating on N.M. 337? That is, is it a positive expression of pubescent energy or is it reckless endangerment and depraved indifference?

How many political parties does the U.S. Constitution recognize (no fair asking your digital assistant!), and which one is obviously the founding parents’ favorite?

Should a true American have to obey laws, or do they apply at his or her discretion to himself or herself, while strictly to them others?

What do you think of Tulsi Gabbard?

Would you be comfortable having Donald Trump alone with your 14-year-old granddaughter for the weekend at an estate in Stanley?

Should a stretch of Old 66 have an ‘asphaltophone’ rendition of “Wide Is My Motherland,” “Skinhead Pride,” “All I Wanna Do” or “Taps”?

How do you feel about men’s briefs with a orange patriotic pouch for your concealed carry and imprinted with an American flag design that is robot made in Wunan? or a confederate flag? Or a hammer and sickle?

Does Roswell have more of an undocumented or overdocumented alien situation?

Which bathroom at the Edgewood Walmart should “Go” (the suspiciously androgynous Pokemon trainer for the Galar Region) use when trying on Breaking Bad camo tees?

If a resident finds used crack vials in the snow plowed onto her property by a homeowner across the street, does neighborliness mandate returning them or is it finder’s keepers?

Where is Waldo, who is his daddy, is he a true patriot, and will he eventually come out?

Would you read a book co-authored by Ivanka Trump and Nancy Pelosi and titled, “Yo Mama and Vice Versa”?

Red or green? Haggis or vegan spaghetti alla puttanesca?

Thanks in advance for clarifying in our time of national need.

Tom Stuart, Tijeras



Up on the Hill

By Ava Springer

Up on the Hill is where the Story goes,

Up on the Hill is where the Wind blows.

Two lovers are seen in their arms,

Talking about all the earth’s harms.

They part ways, no longer love in their hearts,

Only Rage and Hatred you can see in the Dark.

The two lovers see not of each other again,

For their Hatred can only be written by a pen.

We know not of why the two lovers split,

Maybe it was the Wind that just hit.

Up on the Hill is where the Story goes,

Up on the Hill is where that wind blows.

Ava Springer is 12 years old and attends 7th grade at the Estancia Valley Classical Academy in Edgewood.