Using the turn of the New Year as a handy peg to hang my hat, I’ve redoubled my efforts toward health and fitness this year. This week it’s been all about friendly competition—with a whole lot of razzing to egg each other on.

Those of you who know me well enough to have played games with me will know that I’m very competitive, and I love to smack talk. Now, I do like to keep it friendly, but a little bit of teasing can really get me going.

losing it Screenshot_20170109-163112For the past few weeks, my daughter and I have been challenging each other on the total number of steps we each walk in a week. Usually she outstrips me by a pretty wide margin, but I’ve been getting on the treadmill at work, and starting my mornings with a dance workout for half an hour. That helps at least get me in the zone of being able to beat her.

I thought I was all set this past weekend. We were neck-and-neck through the week and I thought my time had come. Then she went dancing on Saturday night, and that was that. I ended 10,000 steps behind. Again. But the whole thing is so much fun and so motivating for me, that I made a new challenge and off we go!

Yesterday, my 10-year old grandson challenged me to a sit-up contest. He thought for sure he could do way more sit-ups than the ole lady. What fun I had heckling him!

In his first set, he did 51 sit-ups. So I did 52. Easy peasy.

In his second set, he was somewhere in the vicinity of 100 when I told him no matter how many he did, I was going to do at least one more. The look on his face was priceless when he said he would do 200, and his ole Grama said, “Bring it,” using the sign language made famous by Neo in the Matrix.
He did 212 sit-ups in his second set, while heckled and razzed by me and his mom. We had a tag team going.

You think he’ll make 200?” I’d say.

Nah. Maybe 150,” she’d say.

I don’t know… he’s looking pretty tough,” I’d say. “He might make it!”

Meanwhile, he’s doing sit-ups like it’s his job, blissfully unaware that we were pulling them out of him with every comment.

By the time he got to 212, I could tell he was about spent. So I stand up to take my turn and declare, “I’m doing 250!”

Now it’s his turn to razz. “Are you sure, Grama? You’re kind of old for 250 sit-ups!”

My daughter got in on it too. When I told him I’d be doing my 250 in sets of 10, he thought I should do them all in one blow. She says, “Well, Dustin, when you get older, sometimes you need a little bit of time to recover in between.”

I asked her if she was trolling me in the same exact way we had just so successfully extracted 212 sit-ups from her son. Her impish smile said it all—but not only that, it worked on me just as well as it worked on him! I did my 250 in sets of 25, not 10, and I would have had to pass out not to finish those 250. It was tough but no way was I going to back down.

Then my younger grandson decided we needed to “rest” by doing some crazy dancing. And so we did.

As we danced around, Sit-Up Meister continues to heckle his grandmother, telling me that the next day his abs would be totally recovered and ready for more sit-ups (because he’s 10, dontcha know) and my abs would be super sore. Okay, on that one, he was absolutely correct. I woke up this morning with my abs aching from top to bottom. I also have two sore spots, one on my lower back and the other in my shoulders.

Young Heckler, 1, Old Heckler, 0.

The best thing that happened this past week was the re-introduction of fun into my exercise plans. How do you stay on track with your goals? Contact me at or 505-286-1212, or join the conversation in my Facebook group, “I’m Losing It!