With 100 percent of precincts reporting, unofficial primary election results in Torrance County show Martin Rivera taking office as sheriff, and both incumbents voted off the County Commission.

In the Primary Election, those registered in the Republican, Democratic and Libertarian parties chose their picks for the general election in November. Some races were unopposed in the primary, meaning the primary effectively decides the race.

In the Sheriff’s race, Republican Rivera got 543 votes for 36.06 percent of the total. David Frazee was second with 443 votes for 29.42 percent; with Jimmie Luna at 13.88 percent, Carlos Joseph Garcia with 11.55 percent and Pete Golden with 9.10 percent of the vote. There was no Democrat in the race.

In the Torrance County Commission District 2 race, Republican challenger Ryan Schwebach beat incumbent Julia DuCharme, who was seeking a second term on the commission. Schwebach garnered 316 votes for 75.69 percent of the vote to DuCharme’s 100 votes for 24.04 percent. There was no Democrat in the race.

In the Torrance County Commission District 1 race, a crowded field of Republican candidates ended with challenger Kevin McCall on top, ousting incumbent Jim Frost.

McCall got 178 votes for 47.98 percent of the total votes. Next was Dorothy Encinias, who got 98 votes for 26.42 percent; Frost with 82 votes for 22.10 percent and Jeremy Tremko with 13 votes for 3.5 percent.

Democrat Andrew Homer was unopposed, and garnered 199 votes.

Other unopposed Torrance County Republican races were Heath White, currently Sheriff, who ran for Magistrate Judge and Jesse Lucero for County Assessor.

In the race for Probate Judge in Torrance County, Republican Josie Chavez came out on top of a field of three with 40.10 percent of the vote to Melvin McNiel’s 35.82 percent and Art DuCharme’s 24.08 percent.

Democrat Lucy Orio was unopposed in the primary.

On the top of the ticket, Torrance County voters favored Democrat Debra Haaland over challengers Antoinette Sedillo Lopez, Damon Martinez, Damian Lara, Patrick Davis, Paul Moya and Jesse Heitner. Republican Janice Arnold-Jones was unopposed in the Republican primary for the seat in Congress, as was Libertarian Lloyd Princeton.

Torrance County Democrats also favored gubernatorial candidate Michelle Lujan Grisham over challengers Jeff Apodaca and Joseph Cervantes. Republican Steve Pearce and Libertarian Bob Walsh were unopposed in the primary election.


In Santa Fe County, Rudy Nelson Garcia came out on top of a field of three Democrats in the County Commission District 3 race, while Adan Mendoza topped a field of four running for Sheriff.

Both seats were vacated due to term limits.

In the Sheriff’s race, Democrat Mendoza got 9,823 votes for 42.86 percent of the total, followed by Linda Ortiz with 8,188 votes for 35.73 percent, Manuel Anaya with 3,206 votes and 13.99 percent and Leonard Michael Romero with 1,702 votes and 7.43 percent. There was no Republican in the primary election.

For the District 3 seat on the County Commission, Democrat Rudy Nelson Garcia got 1,345 votes for 54.83 percent, followed by Filandro Anaya with 642 votes and 17 percent and Don Reece, with 466 votes and 19 percent. There was no Republican candidate for the position in the primary.

County Assessor Gus Martinez was unopposed in the race, with no Republican in the primary.

Santa Fe County Republicans favored Gregg Schmedes over Merritt Hamilton Allen with 85 percent of their votes; the seat is in four counties. Democrat Jessica Velasquez was unopposed in the primary.

Santa Fe County Democrats favored Debra Haaland with 40.23 percent of the vote over Damon Martinez with 22.95 percent, Antoinette Sedillo Lopez, who got 20.11 percent, Paul Moya with 7.93 percent, Damian Lara with 4.82 percent and Patrick Davis with 3.97 percent.

Republican Janice Arnold-Jones was unopposed in the primary, as was Libertarian Lloyd Princeton.

Santa Fe County Democrats also heavily favored Michelle Lujan Grisham, with 70.83 percent of the primary vote, followed by Jeff Apodaca with 17.9 percent and Joseph Cervantes with 11.27 percent.

Republican Steve Pearce was unopposed in the primary election, as was Libertarian candidate Bob Walsh.

As The Independent went to press, Bernalillo County had roughly 20 percent of its votes reported.