On Feb. 6, the Moriarty-Edgewood School District has scheduled an extremely important General Obligation Bond election which will allow us to continue to improve district-wide facilities for our students.

There are two separate and distinct major funding sources for New Mexico’s public schools—the state’s General Fund which provides for daily “operating” expenses each year; and local, community generated funding through the approval of GO Bonds for new construction and facility upgrades—“capital” projects.

I believe it is fairly common knowledge that New Mexico’s economy has struggled over the last 10 years which has resulted in the State’s rather noticeable inability to fund some basic personnel needs and day-to-day operations of our State’s public schools. Over that same time period local community support has been the lone constant for the District, allowing us to have necessary funding for our ongoing capital project needs.

Given the unpredictability of State funding, it has become even more critical that our Moriarty-Edgewood District continues to have access to a reliable capital projects revenue source. Local support of the District’s capital needs is absolutely crucial in these times.

Historically, this community has always been incredibly generous and supportive of the District in our efforts to create and maintain positive learning environments for our students across all campuses and grade levels. For that we are most grateful and thank you.

It is also important to note that even while approving this Bond proposal, there will be no increase to our residents’ current property taxes.

The District has always been a good steward of public money, and has consistently followed through on projects promised to the community in such previous Bond cycles.

As a recent example of this process, following the 2013 GO Bond election, MESD was able to replace HVAC systems; revitalize Moriarty High School Fine Arts and Vo-Tech programs; repair, replace or renovate numerous other campus spaces; and increase student access to new technologies.

A successful election on Feb. 6 will continue to provide the necessary capital resources for MESD to meet such commitments as:

Instructional Technology – to reach a goal of a 1-1 ratio of devices to students

Enhanced campus security systems

Facility infrastructure upgrades

Playground equipment improvements

And more

More specific information regarding the election and Districtwide planned projects is posted on our website (www.mesd.us) or bit.ly/MESDGOBOND; and in the form of an informational brochure available at every school. Or you may contact our Central Office for more details at 832-4471.

Please vote yes to support our District and our students on Feb. 6. Thank you.