The driver of a semi that crashed through the Fort at McCall’s Pumpkin Patch on July 23 is in stable condition after being transferred to the hospital after the wreck happened.
According to Torrance County Sheriff Martin Rivera, the truck was heading eastbound on Interstate 40, in the right-hand lane, when the right front tire blew out—causing the driver to lose control of his rig, crossing all lanes of traffic on the freeway, including oncoming lanes, Abrahames Road, three fences, and through the Fort Sump’m building.
Rivera said the driver was driving “at the speed limit or lower” and he was not distracted while driving or intoxicated. The speed limit is 75 miles an hour on that stretch of I-40.
Rivera said the driver is not likely to get any citations because it was an accident, and the driver was not hauling any hazardous material.
The sheriff said three Torrance County deputies responded to the call, with the first arriving within a minute after being dispatched.
In addition, Moriarty Police Department responded and their first unit arrived with in three minutes.
New Mexico State Police also responded to the scene and arrived within half an hour of being dispatched. State Police spokesperson Mark Soriano said the State Police did a post-crash inspection of the commercial motor vehicle.
No other injuries were reported in the crash, which happened during the off season for the popular Moriarty attraction.