The Salt Missions Trail Scenic Byway has 51 new signs installed along the historic route. 
“The Salt Missions Trail Scenic Byway winds through an interesting area of New Mexico both scenically and historically,” said Sen. Ted Barela. “By creating a brand and adding signs to the Byway, we’re creating more opportunities to promote and encourage new visitors to experience the richness of this region.”
The Mid-region Council of Governments provides staff support to the Salt Missions Trail Scenic Byway Committee, which is comprised of local officials and volunteers from Torrance, southern Santa Fe and east Bernalillo Counties. MRCOG and the committee got funding to purchase 51 Salt Missions Trail signs to be installed along the Byway from the towns and counties along the route.

salt missionsA couple of years ago, COG staff assisted community stakeholders in and around Torrance County with the development of a logo for the Salt Missions Trail,” said Dewey Cave, Executive Director for MRCOG. “This symbol of collaboration will now be shared with those who venture to learn more about this historic area.”
The Byway lies approximately 30 miles east of Albuquerque in the central part of New Mexico connecting Old Route 66 with the Abó Canyon Trail along the roadway loop that runs from Moriarty south to Willard, west to Mountainair, north to Tijeras, and then east to Moriarty. The Byway also includes links west to the Abó Mission ruins and south to Gran Quivera, connecting a number of historic farming and Spanish land grant communities in the area. The transportation, trade, and use of salt from the salt lakes in the Estancia Basin provides the common link between these various points celebrating the communities and Spanish Missions along the way.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held Sept. 18 at 2 p.m. in Arthur Park in Estancia.