There is virtually no fire news to report in the week leading to Independence Day.

Wendy Mason, Wildfire spokesperson for the State Forestry Division said there is nothing significant from her this week.

Crystal Powell, district ranger for the Sandia Ranger District said there were a few reports of illegal abandoned campfires, and that there are still Stage 2 fire restrictions and high fire danger.

The good news is not much more to report,” she said. “We are looking forward to the expected precipitation this weekend with monsoons season still expected around July 7 or 8.”

Arlene Perea, spokesperson for the Mountainair Ranger District said they have nothing going on.

We haven’t had anything new, [we’re] still in very high and still in Stage 2,” she said.

Torrance County Fire Chief Lester Gary said it has been “really, really quiet” as far as any fires happening in the county.

Santa Fe County Fire Chief Erik Litzenberg said their system was down so a good summary on the week’s fire news couldn’t be completed.

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