On June 5 in Edgewood off of N.M. 344, there was a vehicle fire. Station 70 staff responded. It was a total loss and there were no injuries. The cause of the fire is unknown, according to Santa Fe County spokeswoman Carmelina Hart.

Hart said there was also a grass fire off of Range Road in Edgewood. The fire was less than an acre and burned between two mobile homes. There was no damage to either home. Station 70 responded to the fire. The cause of the fire was a “possible illegal burn,” said Hart.

On June 8, there was a brush fire in Edgewood off of East Venus Road. It was less than an acre and Station 70 responded. The cause of that fire is unknown, Hart said.

“Nothing in Torrance county this week. We had a little moisture and it helped greatly this week. As the temperatures rise this week everyone needs to be extremely careful. As the 4th of July approaches please stress the importance of fireworks safety,” said Torrance Fire Chief Don Dirks. “The municipalities have restrictions at this point the county does not,” Dirks said.

Ernest Taylor Forest Ranger for Mountainair said there is not much to report for this week. “We are in Stage 1 fire restrictions. We had one campfire outside of a designated ring (just off the 253 road near the old CCC camp),” Taylor said.

Taylor said with the moisture the area got last week fire danger is still “High,” but they are expecting much warmer temperatures this week and this could bring increased drying that could lead to worsening fire danger.

“We will be monitoring conditions closely and will enter in to Stage 2 restrictions and industrial fire precautions if conditions warrant,” he said.

The New Mexico Departments of Health and Environment issued a smoke alert on June 7, due to smoke from Arizona fires, and from residual smoke from fires in New Mexico.