On July 29, Carson, Cibola, and Santa Fe National Forests lifted their Stage 2 fire restrictions.

“Forest managers use several criteria to determine when to lift fire restrictions, including current and predicted weather, fuel moisture, fire activity levels and available firefighting resources,” according to a news release from the Forest Service. “The arrival of monsoonal moisture has eased the dry conditions that led to restrictions and lowered fire danger to low.”

Campfires are allowed on forest land again, according to the release, but they are still the number one cause of human-made wildfires. Visitors are responsible for putting out the campfire, and failure to do so resulting in a wildfire can lead to fines and/or imprisonment, the release read.

Arlene Perea, spokesperson for the Forest Service, said that during this time of year, there is a lot of lightning strike fires, but that the worst is over. She also said the restriction lift will “most likely” hold until next year.

“Unless we hit a super, super, dry spell or something really wonky happened,” Perea said. “Normally [the restrictions will] go in sometime in the late spring and then it goes through the monsoons. Once the monsoons really fire up then we’re in pretty good shape. Our big fire season is pretty much over now. You always say that with caution because there can be some, you know, weird drying trend or something that happens but for the most part we’re out of the woods now, hopefully.”

The fire danger has also gone from very high to moderate.

For other fire information, vist firerestrictions.us or nmfireinfo.com.