Fifteen 4th and 5th graders at San Antonito Elementary School in Theresa Rodriguez’ class researched information about the Tijeras Pueblo and used what they learned to create a gingerbread complex inspired by the pueblo.

Students were divided into four groups, with each group responsible for a section. They created an idea board, took notes on the components they wanted to include in the complex, drew a plan with measurements, made a supply list of the edible materials they wanted to use, and assigned tasks to the students in their group.

After five weeks and 300 hours of kid-power, the complex was complete.

The Pueblo Gingerbread complex has been entered in the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center’s contest. East Mountain community members can support the Cultural Center and the students by visiting the Center between Dec. 14 and Jan. 2, and voting for our complex as the People’s Choice award. Any award earned will be used to purchase supplies for our 3D printer and laser cutter so all K-5 students can design and engineer 3D STEM models to advance their learning. Photos courtesy of Theresa Rodriguez.