Submit a letter to the editor.

Have an opinion? Of course you do!

The Independent News welcomes the opinions of our readers in the form of letters to the editor and commentary pieces, as long as the submissions are not in bad taste, unintelligible or just plain mean.

In any event the newspaper reserves the sole discretion to decide whether or not a reader submission will be published. If your letter is selected you agree to give us the right to publish it in print and digital form if, when and where we have space.

We do not accept letters that are duplicated, reprinted, copied, or otherwise reproduced. Letters should be original and typewritten. Letters should not exceed 300 words and may be edited for clarity or length of available space in the next issue.

We do not, as a general rule, print form letters or letters which are also submitted to other newspapers. We are most interested in sincere personal views as opposed to canned publicity releases or talking points for an individual or a cause, therefore if a writer cannot assure us that their submission is individual and personal, it may be rejected.

Your Letter to the Editor must include:

  • Your full name
  • Your complete address
  • Your telephone number and email
  • A brief 1-2 sentence short bio to tell readers who you are. (“Julia Sanchez is a lifelong resident of Sandia Park who taught public school for 20 years. She lives with her partner, 2 horses, 4 dogs and 1 old cat.”)
  • We also encourage you to include a headshot picture to include with your author bio.

Your address and telephone number will not be printed in the newspaper, but will be used for verification by newspaper editorial staff.

Ready to submit? Email your letter with all those things listed above to