I would like to thank my fellow Torrance County Fair Board members and secretary and congratulate them on another successful fair. The board is a six-member team, all volunteers with full-time jobs or other full-time commitments. We meet and plan throughout the year and literally work around the clock for weeks before the fair as well as during fair week. The team members are Butch McGee, Albert Chavez, Will Neish, Jill Harral, John Perea and myself. Our fair board secretary is Chelsea Riley.

The success of the Torrance County Fair would not have been possible without each of the members working together as a team. Each member has separate, different strengths. Jill is amazing with the computer programs, preparing our spreadsheets, managing the budget, and being our technical go-to person, all the while pushing a stroller and tending to her children.

Butch spends countless hours at the fairgrounds throughout the year maintaining water lines and handling general maintenance matters. During the fair you will see Butch physically working on any issue that arises.

Will is a hard-working team member, who is willing to take on any task at any time and in a short couple of months proven to be invaluable to the board. Along with his other fair duties, he worked until near dawn on Monday night ensuring the tents were set up and located properly.

Albert not only serves on the board, but was the cattle superintendent for the fair. He learned a lot about horse show classes while assisting me as a last-minute fill-in for that show. Always willing to help, Albert proved quickly to be a huge asset on the board.

John is always there with his expertise, working behind the scenes, to ensure the livestock shows go smoothly and that the sale is successful. Whenever there is physical labor to be performed, you can believe that Johnny is right in the middle of it. He is a proven mentor to the rest of us newer board members and is the first one I call whenever there is an issue.

When you combine all of these individual talents, you have a team that functions well together and with their time and effort, we have a successful fair.

You may not realize it, but in addition to organizing, supervising and operating the entire fair, the board members are the ones you see picking up and hauling the garbage, cleaning the bathrooms, cleaning the livestock pens, and repairing broken lines and equipment.

Thank you team for your hard work throughout the year and for the countless hours and effort you exhibited at the successful 2015 Torrance County Fair. See you at the 2016 fair.

Marcie Wallin