8:15 p.m., July 8

A “super active” fire is growing in the same area as the 2016 Dog Head Fire, according to Forest Service spokesperson Arlene Perea of the Mountainair Ranger District.

Answering a question about rumors on the internet that there are two fires, Perea said there is only one as far as fire crews know, dubbed the Ojo La Caso Fire.

While not officially confirmed, a Forest Service firefighter said there could be evacuations tonight near N.M. 337 and N.M. 217.

Perea said the fire is growing, and that she heard an unconfirmed estimate of 20 acres near N.M. 337 and Aceves Road. She said the fire is being attacked with air tankers, helicopters, and engines.

The Forest Service, Torrance County and Bernalillo County, and Santa Fe County’s Edgewood fire crew are among those responding to the fire at this hour.

There are about 30 sheriff’s deputies and additional units at the McGrane Safety Complex in Tijeras, and another staging station at 10 Points General Store.

The Independent will continue to monitor this story, and update it as information becomes available.

Leota Harriman
Leota Harriman

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