Sweet Carrot Pie

Perhaps I should try to

Make sweet carrot pie

Prepare a base of rich crust pastry

With a dash of cinnamon to make it tasty

Let it wait in the cold

Then give it a knead and fold

Roll it out in to a tin

Press it well, press it in

Then bake it in a moderate oven

The smell will feel like warm sweet lovin’

Begin to stew the carrots in a pot

Until they’re well soft and hot

Mash them up good and proper

Before they get any hotter

Add a bit of sugar and spice

It’ll turn out really nice

Let i cool for about and hour

Throw in some potato starch powder

Or if you know a happy chicken

Ask for a couple of eggs for your cookin’

In with carrots, stir in the powder or eggs

Giving you strong mighty legs

Spoon it onto your golden brown crust

Spread it about if you must

Bake it until it gets a bit crispy on top

You may have just enough time to give you

House a mop

Take it out and put it aside

In the cool, but somewhere to hide

For once the smell escapes

All will come rushing in like a band of hungry apes.

-Janna R, from allpoetry.com

In The East Mountains there are a lot of local shops that sell all kinds of things from new to vintage. Amongst that range thrift shops contain many different goodies for the cheerful shopper, and they also have the major benefit of not being a weight on the table while making some really homey, heart-felt vibes.

Talking Talons

Talking Talons, on Highway 14 in Cedar Crest, has a nice nest of used items. As a bonus, Talking Talons gives their money to primarily the Talking Talons Teenage Leadership Program, which helps schools out with their teens and help put people on a path to improvement. They also give unto some homeless shelters and several bird rescues. Contact Talking Talons at 505-286-9611 or visit talkingtalons.org, then search for the thrift store tab to learn more.

A gift basket for a music enthusiast at Talking Talons cost about $18, and that also included a nice drum pad that had been donated, in good shape, several CDs, and a decorative music-themed gift.

A gift basket for toddlers’ parents includes stuffed animals, a toy truck, and a classic VHS tape at a total cost of $10, and with a bit of extra dough you can look into more movies, toys, or a range of stuffies for the kids.

For the book gobbler, the cost of a gift basket came to $12.50, which included three books, a mug, and head pillow; the books cost from 25¢ to $2 a pop.

Bethel Community Storehouse

Bethel, just off Highway 41 in Moriarty, may be closer to home for those in Moriarty and is 10 minutes away for Edgewood’s residents. When you give your money to Bethel, you are providing to feed those who may need some extra help with their food boxes, furniture, and clothing services to those in need. Contact Bethel at 505-832-6642 or visit bethelstorehouse.org.

Here, a basket for Grandad, came to a total of $8.25 and included a tackle box, a pill minder, a cap, a World War II documentary set, and a colorful tie.

Maybe you are looking for some things for a craft enthusiast—save a couple bucks and get yarns, threads, stamps, and all sorts of tasty treats at a total of $6.80.

A baker’s basket came to a total cost of $8 and this basket includes a cookie jar, a rolling pin, two cake molds, a couple of whisks, a sifter, and a small sweet pie pan—in case you want to make a sweet carrot pie.

Walkin N Circles Ranch Thrift Store

Another good place to look is at Walkin N Circles Ranch Thrift Store, a quick turn off Route 66 in Edgewood, and check out their many rooms of sweet items that may tickle your fancy. All profits go to the Walkin N Circles Ranch’s rescued and relinquished horses and donkeys.

These animals are in need, and you could “save two birds with one stone” by getting some gifts for those you love at great prices and saving animals less fortunate than your family’s pets.

Get a family game gift basket including four board games for $4.

Someone you know may be going on a trip to their neighbors’ oven far away and a gift basket for them including luggage bags, sunglasses, and a cute hat for $16.

For mothers, who are expecting some more mouths to feed, a gift basket included five bibs, two onesies, two stuffies, a pair of booties, and baby blanket for $6.20.

Contact Walkin N Circles Ranch at 505-459-2265 or visit wncr.org.

So take some time to head on down to you local thrift shops and see what delectables you can put together for your friends and family!