A young woman who says she drove the car described the beating and subsequent shooting—alongside North 14 in Sandia Park—of a teenage boy March 14.

In a case involving several minors, not all parties have court documents online available to journalists. It is unclear who the fourth person arrested is.

The woman, who described the crime to police, is 19. Scott Spencer is facing charges of kidnapping, conspiracy to commit a first degree felony and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. No charges appear to be pending against against the woman at this time. 

A press release from the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department March 19 details charges against Spencer and says a 17-year-old was charged with an open count of murder, kidnapping and conspiracy. That person is identified in a criminal complaint as Russell Spencer, whose listed address is in Sandia Park.

According to court documents, 15-year-old Evyn Scott’s body showed “obvious signs of trauma” and say he died from multiple gunshot wounds. He was reported missing March 15.

Law enforcement officers spoke with the teen’s grandmother, who had dropped him off before he went missing and saw him leave with the woman, Spencer, and two others. The woman identified the passengers in her car as Scott Spencer, Russell Spencer, Alex Wilson and Evyn Scott.

According to court documents, the woman said Russell Spencer was hiding in the trunk because Evyn Scott would not have gotten into the vehicle had he known Russell Spencer was there.

The same group had been identified by Evyn Scott’s grandmother in the missing persons report as being the people he was last seen with, according to court documents.

The criminal complaint says that Evyn Scott’s grandmother dropped him off at a gas station on East Central in Albuquerque was about 45 minutes before his body was found on the side of North Highway 14.

The woman told police she “was aware Evyn was going to be ‘roughed up’ when they picked him up from the gas station,” adding that while they were driving, “Alfonso, Alex and Scott began to beat up Evyn in the back seat,” according to court documents. She said at one point she heard Evyn Scott being choked.

The woman told police she was “told to pull over,” and said she then opened the trunk from inside the car to let Russell Spencer out while the other passengers also got out of the vehicle, according to court documents.

She also told police “she saw Russell Spencer standing over Evyn and heard three gunshots” and said she did not exit the vehicle. Court documents say that other people in the area heard gunshots.

According to court documents, the Spencer brothers were also interviewed by law enforcement, while Wilson invoked his right to legal counsel.

“Scott said he was asleep as [the woman] drove them to an unknown area where Evyn requested to be dropped off,” court documents say. “Scott said the group then drove away after dropping Evyn off on the side of the roadway.”

Russell Spencer said he knew Evyn Scott and had last spoken to him the day before he was found murdered, court documents say. Russell Spencer said “Evyn wanted Russell dead” and described a burglary he said the two had committed together, court documents say.

The state was granted a motion to keep Russell Spencer in custody until trial based on the severity of the crime and potential danger to the community. No trial date has yet been set.