First and foremost we would like to thank Leota Harriman for giving us our first interview and coverage on the proposed benefit that we had planned for Deputy Ron Fulfer. Your coverage brought it to the public as to how sick he was, and the need for help. We also love it that you stayed with us up to the night of the event. You are so amazing for all you did for us!

Planning for this event started way back in March of this year. Committees had to be formed, buildings rented and decorations planned for. There was so much ground work to cover.

The two of us did a lot of the legwork, and made a lot of calls to get it all going in the right direction. This was Sheriff Heath White’s Benefit for his deputy—and throwing his name around for months, for the gain of this event, made it all the easier on us.

A big thank you also to Franki Safford and Jennifer White for their tireless work running the entire kitchen and ice cream bar. Thank you and huge shout-out to Torrance County dispatchers and Michelle Wells for running the bake sale, to Vanessa Dodson and Lois Cole for running ticket sales, and Dakota Lynn, who managed all the kiddos selling raffle ticket.

Next we would like to express our deepest gratitude to the most amazing community on Earth! The night the flyers came out on social media, by morning we had over 74 offers of donations to get us started. It is amazing how this whole East Mountains, Estancia Valley and Torrance County rallied together for the sake of a hometown deputy with over 30 years in law enforcement for the state of New Mexico. It was overwhelming! We also want to thank the greater Albuquerque and Santa Fe businesses who graciously donated as well. The giving and blessing were just astronomical.

Everyone has bombarded us with calls, text, messages, facebook and in public. Everyone wants to know the totals (as of the night of the event) so we are sharing them all through The Independent Newspaper right now:

The campaign, which is still active, has raised $6,163. Front Row Studio salon’s pedicure fundraiser added $100; public jars around the community added up to $2,500; a Rock & Brew raffle brought in $93 and the benefit fundraiser event itself raised $8,633—a total of $17,489.

This weekend the campaign took in another $500, another check delivered to dispatch for $20, and then today, the organization contacted Brenda Fulfer to let her know that they deposited another $1,827.16 into the account. This added to the other total for a grand total of $19,836.16. We are $163.84 short of raising $20,000. We still have the percentage check coming on Thursday from Rock & Brews—let’s hope it sends us over the top.

Our efforts for Ron Fulfer are continuing as he awaits news about possible kidney donors. We can’t wait to get this dedicated lawman back on the streets of Torrance County. To donate, find us on Facebook, or search for “Ron Fulfer” on