The 2019-20 high school sports year had its share of memorable ups and forgettable downs.

A few schools made it to the state playoffs, others struggled to win a few games. Some unremarkable seasons ended on a high note, while promising seasons fizzled out at the end. And every student-athlete who was looking forward to playing a spring sport had their heart broken when the coronavirus pandemic caused the season to be unexpectedly canceled.

There’s always next year for underclassmen. But for the senior student-athletes, this year was their final go-round, their last hurrah, the swan song of their high school sports careers.

So for every senior athlete who showed up for practice when they had a paper due, hit the weight room when they had a ton of homework, played their hearts out, kept their chins up when they were getting their butts kicked, and thought of their teammates as nothing less than family, we salute you.

Moriarty boys

Tyler Ortiz, basketball and football

Bobby Schmutz, basketball and football

Julian Encinias, basketball, football, baseball

Reyes Chavez, basketball

Michael Pisz, basketball and baseball

Jude Ipiotis, basketball

Tristan Hoy, baseball

Troy Batie, baseball

Pavel Arguello, soccer, football

Frank McCleave, soccer

Jordan Horoschak, soccer

Luke Lionbarger, soccer

Colton Zeisloft, wrestling

Moriarty girls

Domniarre “Mimi” Notah, cross country, wrestling

Araceli Kamplain, soccer, wrestling

Esperanza Wells, soccer

Kailei Edwards, volleyball, basketball

Tristen Sauter, volleyball, basketball

Kassie Coey, volleyball

Bella Neish, volleyball

Kaitlyn Williams, softball

Aneleya Guillen, softball

Joeyelle Guajardo, softball

Estrella Garcia softball, cheer

East Mountain boys

Will Merkey, baseball, basketball

Dominik Chavez, baseball, basketball

Tommy Morgan, baseball, basketball

Tim Fuchs, basketball, track

Bryce Wrye, basketball

Dylan Justus, cross country, wrestling (Manzano)

Joseph Bertrand, cross country

Zane Randall, soccer

Tyler Batie, soccer

East Mountain girls

Marissa Case, cross country, track

Scout Gunter, soccer

Kimberly Stephenson, soccer

Azalea Hughes, soccer

Emma Rocco, soccer

Jasmine Pellerin, soccer

Ashlyn Simkins, volleyball, basketball, softball

Aletha Steen, basketball, softball

Brooke Bishop, softball

Nina Zahnle, softball

Scarlett Gonzalez, softball

Meryl Armstrong, track

Katie Tetreault, volleyball

Madison Kelsh, volleyball

Estancia boys

Andrew Lujan, football, basketball, baseball

Garrett Noblitt, football, basketball, baseball

Luke Pope, football

Heze Ortiz, football, baseball

Nazareth Astorga, basketball, track

Lars Pottle, cross country, track

Estancia girls

Aliyah Padilla, volleyball, basketball, track

Reagan Walker, volleyball, track

Priscilla Padilla, volleyball, basketball, softball, track

Mountainair boys

Francisco Zamora, football, track

Manzano boys (East Mountains)

Austin Erickson, football, basketball,

Manzano girls (East Mountains)

Abby Clarke, soccer, cross country