After a brief break at the end of 2022, the hometown newspaper for Torrance County, Edgewood and the East Mountains returned to weekly news service this week under a new publishing agreement with CTRL+P Publishing, a local newspaper group supporting three other locally-owned papers. Founded in 1999 in Tijeras, The Independent was one of a group of newspapers once serving more than 4,000 square miles in communities east of Albuquerque. Over the years, the other papers closed leaving The Independent as the paper of record. In late 2022, owner and editor Leota Harriman announced that she was seeking a new publisher for the paper. Under the new publishing agreement, Harriman will return as an editor-at-large and many regular contributors will continue to be featured. 


The Independent will publish weekly online and in a new email version each week and in print, distributed in newsboxes and stores across the region, every other week through February. The paper will transition to weekly print with home delivery subscriptions in March. Readers can sign up for the weekly free email edition or purchase a home delivery subscription at

“The Independent is absolutely an essential business for our communities,” says Pat Davis, owner and publisher of CTRL+P. “Small businesses like ours can’t afford, and don’t need to, advertise on Albuquerque TV.  An advertiser in a small paper can have their ad delivered to 1,000 customers each week for about half the cost of sending junk mail ads to those same households, and our product is actually something people read.”  As an incentive to help other small businesses, Davis says The Independent is offering big discounts to new and returning advertisers, as well as increased distribution to more readers.  Advertisers interested in learning more should email