It started two weeks ago when the dryer blew up and tried to burn down the house. Kudos to the Santa Fe County firemen, and I know I still owe them cookies. They are coming, but lucky for them I did not bake them the afternoon after the fire. Instead, I got the flu. Bill and I had all our shots, including flu. Guess what? You can still get the flu and, boy howdy, did we. I have never been so sick.

Bill took laundry to Moriarty, and he says, “They are the cleanest and best run of anywhere he has been.” Now remember, he used to fly jets and he knows clean laundry. Then he got the flu and we both did laundry. As the week went along we learned we did not have Covid. I felt things getting better until our 18-year-old Lab, Duchess, became critical and had to be “put down.” Western Trails hold our hearts and our doggies with the greatest kindness. They always have tissue and consideration. Adios, Duchess.

By this time, I could finally eat white dry rice, so things were looking up. Then in the trash I found a can of opened and consumed Spaghetti and Meatballs. Bill ate it in the middle of the night and didn’t tell me. That’s OK, I was still on white rice. By Friday, I finally felt better, life would continue… until

Switch gears and think back on any Disney villain you can visualize. In Snow White, there was the ugly witch with an apple, the equally ugly stepsisters of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty had Maleficent, the dragon, and don’t forget Cruella DeVille and animal cruelty. Zoom forward to Star Wars and the best villain of all, Darth Vader. What do they all have in common? Evil! But with all these, there is Good that catches up with them and punishes them.

How did our weeks of… Heck end? ALL EVIL ALL THE TIME and no one to the rescue.

Friday morning at 7:30 a.m., I had my first set of phone calls. I had “been hacked.” All 500 contacts in my AOL contacts were compromised. People I hadn’t spoken to for 15 to 20 years lovingly called to see if I was all right and how many GIFT CARDS did I need for my daughter? Well, for those who follow the Roaring Mouse for the last 25 years, I have no daughters, only two sons.

Now I have two wonderful daughters-in-law, four granddaughters and one grandson, too. I am not out of town, I do not need help buying anything and don’t answer these dirty, evil, conniving, double-dealing… You fill in the blanks. I was being robbed with no way to stop it or get back at them. No Prince on a horse, no magic wand or even a friendly dragon. All EVIL, ALL THE TIME hackers were back. Thank you to all who wanted to help me.

After all these years of my being ignorant, and both sons trying to educate me on the complexity of computers, there is no longer “” Jessie James and his gang was at least man enough to wear bandanas and guns to risk robbing trains, not prey on people. I say, “NO MORE.” We can’t find them. They might not even be in this country. I do not pray for them, sorry Lord, I wish on them the plagues of Egypt.

As I write this, I hope the bad days are behind us. God bless all my friends that were willing to come to my aid. People lie. They are born to it. When my youngest son was three, he pushed a chair up to the counter in the kitchen. He opened the cookie jar and stacked them in his mouth and all around him. I found him and said, “Thomas are you eating cookies?” He shook his head no, his mouth so full of cookies he couldn’t talk. These villains don’t care if you have diabetes, high blood pressure or your life savings are on the line. Please, please, don’t fall for it. And get rid of your AOL account while you’re at it. Roaring Mouse, happy January is almost over. Out.