Remember what doctors said just before you got a shot? Don’t be afraid, it won’t hurt. LIES! Children learn quickly who to trust. We grow older and forget. Today I got a flyer from one of our neighbors asking if we heard a promise from developers who plan on building an RV Park. There was also a letter from our Town saying if your property touches the proposed RV site you could come to a Planning and Zoning meeting Thursday, September 22 at the Town Hall. We live up Walker about a block and a half from Walgreens. Most of us who have lived here for say, 50 years or so, were not included in the letter.

For a while I thought about this and wondered what they did say? “Give us your tired your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.” No, that isn’t it. That’s on the bottom of the Statue of Liberty.

Once it has a changed designation, they don’t have to stick to the blueprints. Instead of RV maybe it becomes a tent city with wayward Boy Scouts learning better rope tricks or fire starters. Or Four-H girls could keep their calves pastured while checking out how Scouts change tires. Lots to entice people coming to rural Edgewood for RV camping near Walgreens and Smith’s.

If you set up an RV campground, you want to go where there is lots to do, swim, play sports, fish, look at wildlife, just like the folks at the other RV park in Edgewood. The one behind Smith’s. Fifty years ago, I knew Fern and Tex Ueckert. They had a swimming pool for kids with swings, slides and all sorts of things to do in their clubhouse. They played board games and watched the stars. There were full bathrooms for all men and women’s showers. No internet, but it wasn’t made yet. Even motels didn’t have color TV until 1965. The Red Arrow was known as a Good Sam Camp. If you were part of that, you knew the park was safe, reasonable in price, and clean. Fern and Tex’s place always was excellent.

Think of all the different uses that now available for a new RV Park. You can practice driving. Well, as most of you know the turn from 344 to go into the parking is tough. Three lanes two going left and right and a tiny lane onto Walker. If you are going into Walgreens, you almost scrape the bumper of the vehicle facing you. All the people living on this road are affected by this unique ummm idea.

How about restrictions on water use? Security? Do prairie dogs have to die? We have had a murder at Smith’s and arson at Walmart. We will need a special police unit when the ground is littered with needles. Albuquerque has shown us the way. Just keep them dogies moving along. We already have fun and games. I just saw the third pot shop and figured they might want to join the Chamber and relate new fun ideas for relaxation.

Walker Road is a residential community. We know what commercial real estate is all about. No one is hurt by developing businesses that improve rural life. Making money should not be the only issue.

Edgewood’s town meeting will be September 22, at Town Hall. The Planning and Zoning Commission will be there for a Public Hearing at 6 p.m. The United States is still a Democracy. Come and be heard.

How will this RV park make your life better? The coyotes, rabbits, squirrels, porcupines, foxes, bats, rabid or not, hummingbirds, crows and ravens all vote, “No.” And the Roaring Mouse stands with all the rest of the country animals. Out.