On July 19, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reported that they, with the help of local law enforcement, are looking for an unidentified man whom they suspect robbed two banks in Moriarty and one in Tijeras.

According to Moriarty Police Chief Mark Satterfield, on July 15 in the afternoon, the Wells Fargo in Moriarty was robbed by a man.

The FBI described him in a press release as a Hispanic male, wearing a blue NASA baseball cap with a light-colored brim, a long-sleeve green shirt, light-colored pants and dark bandana covering the lower half of his face.

Satterfield said that in both Moriarty robberies, the suspect not only looked similar, but that based on surveillance video at both banks, the behavior at both robberies was the same. In both cases, the robber came dressed in plain clothes, with face covered and wearing a hat, then handing the bank teller a “demand note.”

Satterfield said the man did not “brandish a weapon or give any indication of a weapon” at the time of the robberies, adding that any person is “likely dangerous if they are in a position to get caught.”

He also said that so far no other type of business has been targeted.

Satterfield said on July 19, the US Bank in Moriarty was robbed in the morning and approximately 15 minutes later the Wells Fargo in Tijeras was robbed.

According to reports from the FBI, the suspect’s physical description matches that of the man who robbed the Wells Fargo in Moriarty the week before.

Bernalillo County spokesperson Jayme Fuller said she could not speak about the details of the robbery as all investigation has been handed over to the FBI, and was unable to confirm whether the Tijeras Wells Fargo robbery suspect had the same description or behavior.

Anyone with information about the robberies is asked to contact the FBI at 505-889-1300, Moriarty Police Department at 505-832-6060, or the Torrance County Sheriff’s Office at 505-544-4908. Tips may also be submitted online at tips.fbi.gov.