The 2017 Torrance County 50+ Games Track & Field competition was held at Estancia High School on May 20. A total of eleven senior athletes gathered to run, walk, throw, and jump on a beautiful, but somewhat breezy, spring morning. On the track, Colleen Burns showed everyone the form that has earned her numerous medals at national events as she tuned up for this year’s nationals to be held in Birmingham, Alabama in a couple weeks. The most popular track events this year were the 400M and 1500M power walks. Among the women Patricia Harriman proved to be the most powerful walker, with John Boerger winning the men’s event.

The discus throw drew the most entries among the field events. Laura Kayser won the women’s event with a throw of 42 feet, 10 inches while Sam Chavez threw 86 feet, 7 inches to lead the men. Two “outdoor recreational events” are included with the Senior Olympics field events: the softball distance throw and the Frisbee distance toss. This year’s softball throw winners are Sheryl Boerger (65 feet, 3 inches) and Tommy Negrete (170 feet, 5 inches). Topping the field in the Frisbee distance event were Leota Harriman (69 feet, 11 inches) and Sam Chavez (115 feet, 7 inches).

The list of participants and complete results for all events follows: Women were Sheryl Boerger, Moriarty; Colleen Burns, McIntosh; Leota Harriman, Moriarty; Patricia Harriman, Knoxville, TN; Laura Kayser, Mountainair and Gloria Predika, Moriarty. The men were Richard Ashbaugh, McIntosh; John Boerger, Moriarty; Robert Chavez, Willard; Sam Chavez, Estancia and Tommy Negrete, Tajique.


Field Events Results

Estancia HS Field, May 20, 2017

Women’s Discus

Laura Kayser 42’ 10”

Leota Harriman 42’ 4”

Patricia Harriman 38’ 4”

Men’s Discus

Sam Chavez 86’ 7”

Tommy Negrete 77’ 7”

Richard Ashbaugh 72’ 8”

Bobby Chavez 31’6”

Women’s Javelin

Leota Harriman 52’ 3”

Patricia Harriman 24’ 6”

Men’s Javelin

Sam Chavez 91’

Tommy Negrete 82’ 5”

Bobby Chavez 37’

Women’s Shot Put

Leota Harriman 22’ 11”

Patricia Harriman 18’ 6”

Men’s Shot Put

Sam Chavez 32’ 8”

Richard Ashbaugh 28’ 2”

Women’s Standing Long Jump

Leota Harriman 5’ 2”

Sheryl Boerger 4’ 5”

Patricia Harriman 3’ 4”

Men’s Standing Long Jump

Sam Chavez 6’ 10”

Tommy Negrete 6′ 10”

Women’s Running Long Jump

Leota Harriman 6’ 2”

Sheryl Boerger 5’

Men’s Running Long Jump

Sam Chavez 8’ 9”

Tommy Negrete 7’ 11”

Track Results

Estancia HS Field, May 20, 2017

Women’s 200M

Colleen Burns 35.1 sec.

Women’s 400M

Colleen Burns 1 min. 43 sec.

Women’s 1500M

Colleen Burns 6 min. 45 sec.

Women’s 400M Race Walk

Patricia Harriman 3 min. 38 sec.

Leota Harriman 3 min. 56 sec.

Sheryl Boerger 4 min. 35 sec.

Gloria Predika 4 min. 35 sec.

Men’s 400M Race Walk

John Boerger 4 min. 10 sec.

Bobby Chavez 4 min. 31 sec.

Women’s 1500M Race Walk

Patricia Harriman 14 min. 17 sec.

Sheryl Boerger 15 min. 24 sec.

Leota Harriman 15 min. 25 sec.

Recreational Events Results

Estancia HS Field, May 20, 2017

Women’s Softball Distance Throw

Sheryl Boerger 65’ 3”

Leota Harriman 59’ 4”

Patricia Harriman 50’ 5”

Men’s Softball Distance Throw

Tommy Negrete 170’ 5”

Sam Chavez 134’ 1”

Bobby Chavez 43’ 9”

Women’s Frisbee Distance Toss

Leota Harriman 69’ 11”

Patricia Harriman 64’ 3”

Sheryl Boerger 40’ 5”

Men’s Frisbee Distance Toss

Sam Chavez 115’ 7”

John Boerger 68’

Bobby Chavez 50’ 8”

Leota Harriman
Leota Harriman

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