The N.M. Association of Counties gave two safety awards to Torrance County for making the workplace safer, addressing workplace mental health training/concerns and lowering its workers compensation claims.

At NMAC’s legislative conference in Santa Fe the group gave Torrance County two awards for its efforts in making the workplace safer.

A number of years ago, the county named Nick Sedillo its Safety Officer. While county commissioners have often praised his efforts, Sedillo deflects that praise to the employees.

The NMAC said Torrance County has showed a “positive trend in their workers’ compensation losses during the last three years and noted that the county has continued participation in the Risk Awareness Program.

In 2015 Torrance County completed its eighth year of RAP and reduced their number of workers’ compensation claims by 54 percent, and their number law enforcement claims by 33 percent, according to a press release from NMAC.

That award is offered through NMAC’s Risk Awareness Program (RAP), which aims to reduce the frequency and severity of county claims through better risk awareness and safety practices.

NMAC Risk Management Director, Taylor Horst, said, “Torrance County’s commitment to safety awareness has resulted in not only making the workplace safer but has reduced costs to the community. The leadership and employees of Torrance County are to be commended for their hard work.”
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