9:51 p.m.

Early and unofficial results of Election Day in New Mexico are coming in, with 90 of 90 precincts in Santa Fe County partially reporting, and all 16 Torrance County precincts fully reporting.

The Independent will be updating results as more polls report.

Santa Fe County

With Santa Fe County results now reporting 90 of 90 precincts partiallyreporting.

In the Santa Fe County commission District 3 race, early results showDemocrat Rudy Nelson Garcia ahead, with 2,933 votes counted for 59.55percent, while Mike Anaya, running without party affiliation,currently has 1,992 votes for 40.45 percent. Anaya had previouslyheld the position as a Democrat.

IncumbentDemocrat Gus Martinez is unopposed in the race for Santa Fe CountyAssessor; Democrat Adan Mendoza is running unopposed for Santa FeCounty Sheriff.

Torrance County

All16 of Torrance County precincts are now fully reporting.

Runningfor Torrance County Commission’s District 1, Republican Kevin McCall defeated Democrat Andrew Homer, by 67.74 percent to 32.26 percent, or 1,153 votes for McCall and 549 for Homer.

Ryan Schwebach, a Republican, is unopposed in the Torrance County Commission District 2 seat; Jesse Lucero, a Republican, is unopposed in the race for County Assessor; and Jose Martin Rivera, a Republican who currently serves as undersheriff, is unopposed for sheriff.

Running for probate judge Republican Josie Chavez defeated Democrat Lucy Orio by 61.55 percent to 38.45 percent, with 3,194 voters choosing Chavez, and 1,995 voting for Orio.

Legislative Races

Inthe House District 22 race, in a district that includes the EastMountain, Democrat Jessica Velasquez is leading Republican GreggSchmedes bya hair,with 21out of 21 precincts partially reporting.

Thatis 6,486 votes for Velasquez to 6,261votes for Schmedes at this hour, a lead of 50.88 percent to 49.12 percent, with 12,747 votes counted.

Santa Fe County voters in that race so far have tilted for Schmedes by 61.74 percent to 38.26 percent in favor of Velasquez.

Sandoval County is showing 12 out of 12 precincts partially reporting, with now 63.88 percent of those votes cast for Velasquez and 36.12 percent for Schmedes.

Bernalillo County votes so far are 48.80percent to Velasquez and 51.20 percent for Schmedes, of 8,217 votes counted.

In the House District 50 race, pitting incumbent and Democrat Matthew McQueen against a challenger without party affiliation, Jarratt Applewhite, results now show Applewhite trailing with 41.40 percent of the votes counted so far to 58.60 percent to McQueen.

In the Bernalillo County precincts, McQueen leads with 69.05percent. In Torrance County, voters so far have tilted toward Applewhite with 56.54 percent. Santa Fe County voters at this point favor McQueen with 60.05 percent.

Valencia County’s voters so far, with 4 of 4 precincts partially reporting, show 51.31 percent for McQueen to 48.69 percent for Applewhite, with10,752 votes counted.

Incumbent Democrat Tomas Salazar is unopposed in the District 70 race.

Bernalillo County

With 441 of 441 precincts partially reporting, Democrat Charlene Pyskoty is leading Republican Jim Smith for the Bernalillo County CommissionDistrict 5 seat, which includes the East Mountains.

Sofar 53.13 percent of the vote went to Pyskoty, with 46.87 percent toSmith.

Democrat and incumbent Sheriff Manuel Gonzales is leading Republican challenger Louis Golson by 53.78 percent to 46.22 percent.

Democrat Tanya Giddings is unopposed in the race for Bernalillo County Assessor.

Alibrary bonds issue of $1.75 million is leading by 74.99 percent infavor to 25.01 percent against.

A bond issue of $16.75 million for public safety facilities and other county buildings is also leading, with 74.81 percent of votes cast so far in favor, and 25.19 percent against.

Parks and recreation bonds of $4.95 million are leading by 77.37 percent in favor and 22.63 percent against.

A bond for storm drainage and utilities for $5.5 million is leading by 80 percent of votes counted so far in favor and 20 percent opposed.

Public housing bonds are leading by 70.93 percent in favor of the issue and 29.07 percent against among votes reported so far.

Flood control bonds of $25 million is also leading, with 76.10 percent of voters in favor and 23.90 percent against.