Unofficial results from the Primary Election show the Torrance County Commission chair defeated by his Republican challenger.

Meanwhile, a hotly contested race for Bernalillo County Treasurer resulted in the only one of four candidates with no connection to the office came out on top of the Democrats running, including the incumbent.

Torrance County

LeRoy Candelaria lost his bid for re-election to the Torrance County Commission in District 3. With 100 percent of the county’s votes tallied, Candelaria got 268 votes for 39.88 percent to challenger Edwina “George” Hewett’s 404 votes. Candelaria is currently chairman of the commission.

On the Democratic side of the race, Javier Sanchez got 378 votes for 57.19 percent to Ivan Riley’s 283 votes.

Sanchez will face Hewett, and possibly Independent candidate Fred Sanchez in the general election, providing the Independent can gather enough signatures to get on the ballot.

In the race for Torrance County Treasurer, Democrat Margarita Hibbs fended off Wilson Myrick by capturing 794 votes for 66.95 percent to Myrick’s 392 votes.

Republican Tracy Sedillo, who currently works as Chief Deputy Treasurer in the department, was unopposed in the Primary Election, and got 1,220 votes.

Sedillo and Hibbs will now face each other in November.

Incumbent County Clerk and Republican Linda Jaramillo was unopposed in the Primary Election as well, pulling in 1,266 votes.

In the race for President, Democrat Bernie Sanders came out on top by two votes, when 651 Torrance County voters chose him over rival Hillary Clinton, who got 649 votes.

On the Republican side, 1,106 voters in Torrance County voted for Donald Trump, giving him 70.65 percent of the vote there. Another 270, or 18.78 percent, voted for Ted Cruz.

Santa Fe County

In Santa Fe County, with all precincts reporting, the race for County Clerk was decided by the Primary Election.

Geraldine Salazar is the incumbent, and she got 16,889 votes, or 62.57 percent, while fellow Democrat and challenger Letitia Montoya got 10,102 votes.

There was no Republican running for this office.

In Santa Fe County 15,632 voters, or 49.34 percent, voted for Democrat Bernie Sanders for President, while 16,048 or 50.66 percent, voted for Hillary Clinton, a difference of 416 votes.

In the Republican race, Donald Trump got 2,858 votes from Santa Fe County voters for 64.56 percent of the vote there; Ted Cruz got 625 votes and John Kashich got 560.

Bernalillo County

In Bernalillo County, with 441 out of 441 precincts reporting, a four-way race between Democrats for the office of County Treasurer ended with the only person unaffiliated with that office winning by close to a 2 to 1 margin over her closest competitor.

Incumbent Manny Ortiz, a Democrat, got 12,123 votes for 18.40 percent; Christopher Sanchez got 15,261 votes for 23.16 percent; Patrick Padilla, who formerly held the office, got 12,939 votes for 19.63 percent, and Nancy Bearce got 25,580 votes for 38.81 percent and coming out on top of the Democrats.

Republican Kim Hillard got 20, 184 votes for 71.70 percent; Christopher Romero got 7,967 votes but told The Independent that he had dropped out of the race.

In the race for Bernalillo County clerk, insider Roman Montoya, who works in the office currently, got 28,635 votes for 43.52 percent, while fellow Democrat Linda Stover got 37,158 votes for 56.48 percent.

Stover will face Republican Maryellen Ortega-Saenz, who got 25,270 votes in her unopposed bid in the general election.

In the race for president, Bernalillo County voters favored Bernie Sanders over fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton with 38,247 votes, or 50.87 percent, to Clinton’s 36,937 votes for 49.13 percent, a difference of 1,310 votes.

For the Republicans, Donald Trump got 21,184 votes for 67.77 percent, while Ted Cruz got 3,978 votes for 12.73 percent and John Kasich got 3,230 votes for 10.33 percent of voters there.

State Legislature

For the Senate District 19 seat vacated by the retirement of Sue Wilson Beffort, four Republicans faced off.

The district is spread across several counties. With most counties, including Bernalillo, Santa Fe, and Torrance, fully reporting at the time The Independent went to press, the only Sandoval County precinct in the district had not yet fully reported.

Those incomplete results showed Jim White with 51.51 percent of the vote; his closest competitor was Anthony Linn Thornton with 29.74 percent.

Harold Murphree was unopposed ion the Democratic side of the race, and will likely face off against White in November.

For the State Senate District 29 seat vacated by the resignation of Phil Griego, all precincts were reporting at the time The Independent went to press.

Four Democrats had their eyes on the seat; the winner will face Republican Ted Barela, who was appointed by the governor to fill the vacancy Griego left.

Democrat Mike Anaya got 1,392 votes for 22.63 percent of the vote; Liz Stefanics for 2,369 votes for 38.51 percent; Hugh Ley got 1,109 votes for 18.03 percent; and Ambrose Castellano got 1,282 votes for 20.84 percent.

Stefanics will face Barela in the general election.

In the House District 50 race, both Democrat Matthew McQueen and challenger Jeremy Tremko were unopposed in their respective primaries. With all precincts reporting, Republican Tremko got 1,625 votes, while incumbent and Democrat McQueen got 3,483 votes.