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Morgan McCall celebrating her knowledge of U.S. History in a competition against Erica Viking and The Hoff from Coyote 102.5 radio. Photo by Angelina Rose Lane.

By Ashley Page

Monday morning Moriarty High School was featured on a trivia segment of the Coyote 102.5 morning radio show, hosted by Erica Viking and The Hoff.

School principal Doug Wine contacted the show, challenging the DJs to a trivia competition with the high school’s National History Day (NHD) team.

The first round featured U.S. government questions and pitted Morgan McCall, a junior, against the radio DJs. Wine and NHD teacher Amy Page competed against the DJs in the second round, which showcased rock history questions.

The radio segment highlighted the success of Moriarty’s students in the NHD competition. Excited by the feature, Wine said that “there are some great things happening at the school that people need to know about.”

Both DJs expressed during the broadcast how impressed they were with the talent of the students and invited the class to tour the studio in November. Segments from the broadcast are featured on the Coyote 102.5 Facebook page.

Leota Harriman
Leota Harriman

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