Torrance County voters approved two bond questions Tuesday, but shot down three others, with about 10 percent of registered voters turning out for the special election.

Everything went smoothly even though power went out in three polling locations, said County Clerk Linda Jaramillo.

Electricity went out in Torreón, Mountainair and Manzano, Jaramillo said. Back-up battery power came on in Mountainair and Torreón, while in Manzano voters cast emergency ballots, which were fed into the machine as soon as power came back on. “We didn’t know how long power would be off, and were making arrangements for a generator,” Jaramillo said, adding that it wasn’t necessary and voting was not disrupted by the outage.

By a vote of 470 in favor and 342 against, voters approved a bond issue of up to $1.4 million to improve emergency communication equipment for law enforcement, fire protection and emergency medical responders, in unofficial results.

The second ballot question, to issue up to $700,000 to improve the county fairgrounds, was voted down by a vote of 339 in favor and 468 against.

Voters narrowly approved a bond issue of up to $1 million to purchase equipment and improve county roads, with 411 residents voting in favor and 404 against the measure.

The fourth question, on whether to issue bonds up to $150,000 to move the county’s road yard out of the middle of Estancia to a property outside of town, failed with 275 voters in favor and 535 against the measure.

The last question, whether the county should issue $550,000 to improve county buildings also failed, with 307 votes in favor and 495 against the item.

Six ballots came in late and will be tallied tomorrow, Jaramillo said. The official canvass of the results will be Thursday.