A tiny minority of Santa Fe County voters made their voices heard last week when they voted down an increase in gross receipts taxes by a large margin.

With a total of 7,947 votes cast—about 8 percent of registered voters—the increase was defeated, with 5,557 people voting against and 2,390 voting for the measure.

At Edgewood Elementary School, 8 voters cast a ballot in favor, while 73 voted against the increase.

At the Stanley Cyclone Center, 6 voters were in favor of the increase, with 16 voting against it.

Absentee voters were against the measure, with 7 people voting for it and 36 against; early voting came in at 830 for the increase and 2,026 against it.

There was only one voting location in the county, in Glorieta, where the votes in favor of the increase came out on top by one vote, 15 for and 14 against the increase.