It was an up and down week for Walmart in Edgewood, which was set on fire Nov. 14, resulting in closure of the store.

Walmart spokesman Charles Crowson said Dec. 2 in an email to The Independent that the store is open again. It had been closed by the State Fire Marshal on Nov. 29.

As of Dec. 2, it had reopened.

Crowson said the pharmacy and its drive-through is open, as is the Vision Center at the front of the store. “The General Merchandise entrance is open, with available inventory stocked and accessible to customers,” Crowson wrote. “This includes items like pet food, health and beauty, over the counter, etc. The Grocery entrance remains closed at this time.”

Asked how long repairs might take, he responded, “We can’t speculate as to how long the recovery effort will take, nor can we guess at a completion date.”

Asked if Walmart has any damage assessment, Crowson replied, “We’re not providing assessments, only that damage to portions of the store is significant.”

An arson investigation is underway, and in the hands of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives, or ATF.

No arrests have yet been made in the case, Edgewood Police Chief Darrell Sanchez said Dec. 2.

After the fire, Walmart released a statement saying it was keeping the 318 employees of the store at work.

The Independent has reached out to employees, and has been told they signed a non-disclosure agreement.

A spokesman for ATF said the agency is involved because the fire was a commercial arson investigation.