I live on a small farm in the charming town of Estancia, with my extended family of animals and humans. First there is my sister Kymber, who is so accomplished it is hard to keep up with her FFA nationals and letterman jacket. I, on the other hand like to read, write, knit and I love butterscotch. I basically have the heart of a grandma and the looks of a young adult.

My loving father Philip works his butt off every day so me and Kym can have many things we want and everything we need, while still trying to do so much of the physical work that needs to be done. Next I have my mom Lillian, who encourages my creativity and dreams no matter how stubborn my dad thinks I am. My family means everything to me, and I will never stop trying to give them the world.

When I’m not doing homework or chores, I like to play with my two gerbils and my dogs. Sometimes I like to go outside and ride my horses, but more often I am outside training my goats and reading to them to sleep in the summer. I want to pursue both dancing and writing as careers one day in New York.

My sister and I participate in our local 4-H with my best friend Sofia. In 4-H, I show my goats (both meat and dairy), and I also have joined both gardening projects which include flowers and veggies. Since it is a requirement that I have my own flower garden, my parents are finally letting me make one. I am the sort of person that knows they can do anything—so I try to.

By now you may be asking, “Why would a 13-year-old want to be writing in the newspaper?” I want to show not just adults but everyone that there is a lot going on in our heads. There is more to us than phone time, the newest Tiktok dance that went viral, or how many selfies we took yesterday. Teens have worries, like I need to do my homework before midnight, my parents said that my grades need to be higher for me to play in the big game next month, my best friend is going through a tough time and he/she needs me. We also have voices that need to be heard. For example, instead of throwing plastic away, why we don’t just recycle it, and maybe have recycling centers in more places that would provide more jobs? Or what if we made a environmentally safe substance that breaks down the plastic faster so there is less pollution?

Someday I want to see the human race living a sustainable life with fewer hardships, and a world where everyone is working hard to keep our economy stable. A place where the next generation does not have to see half the things that are happening now. I dream of not as much deforestation, less air pollution, a way to possibly turn saltwater into freshwater, and other things that could change the way we live forever. When I look at myself 40 years from now, I want to be able to say we did good.

All things considered my generation is the difference between future environmental stability and the apocalypse, world war and peace. We need to be understood to grow—so that when the time comes we are the ones who save the world.

Wait, the person who wrote this is 13? My name is Lolita Casados, I am 13 years old and in this column I am going to show that I have an opinion with bright ideas that might change the world someday.