When have we had a chance to sit and talk with our doctor or dentist? The pandemic made it impossible, as most of the profession was involved in treating one thing, Covid. Last week I turned 75 and got to see the doctors that have been treating me for one thing and another. Guess what? I am Mary Poppins, “Practically perfect in every way.” My blood pressure was perfect and living with Bill for 50 years is fantastic. My blood A1C sugar for diabetes was excellent. Trust me it is good. And to top it off, my cholesterol was also great. The top range with good stuff was incredible, but the lower “bad” cholesterol that needed to be under 75 was even better. Need I say more? I went out and ordered a piece of apple pie with ice cream to celebrate.

Seven years ago, the future looked bleak for my health. I went from one doctor to eight doctors. Bill and I used our fallback position, we prayed and asked for a miracle. It worked. I am still here.

Bill pointed out to me that when you ask for a miracle and you get one, you should talk about it. So, I am. I had gamma radiation on my brain, they didn’t even cut my hair or head. It shoots between the cells. Don’t ask me, I taught English, History and Journalism. Bill is sure that’s not quite right because I once misspelled the word birthday on a button for the National League of American Pen Women, Yucca Branch. It said, Happy 77th Bithday. The button was still cute, but I digress.

Then I had radiation on my left breast. So far so good. Next, because I was a little bored, I had a small heart attack. My heart doctor, Dr. Charles Kim, checked it out last week and declared it was still working. The heart I mean. Bill’s second complaint about my housework. “The heart works so why not dust?” He also complained, “They didn’t get it all, you still do not dust.” I have a sign up: “It is all right to notice the dust, it’s part of my country look.” Come on over, I’ll show it to you.

When people ask why things are going so well, I tell the story of about 20 years ago when Edgewood had a Tastee Freeze along Route 66. I was directing plays at Wildlife West and stopped in to get cards for free ice cream for the actors. I had only had diabetes for about six years. I couldn’t resist a chocolate cone and as the manager was filling out the cards for my kids, I ordered a few more things. As I licked up the delicious frozen treat I said, “My doctor would kill me, this is so good.” The manager said, “Oh, mine too. I am also a type two diabetic.”

The person in line behind me tapped me on the shoulder just as the waitress pushed an order of hot fresh onion rings in front of me. As I turned, it was WAS my diabetic doctor clear out here in Edgewood from Albuquerque. “Those are not mine!” And I pushed them away from me. “Monday morning, eight o’clock, my office.” I put the cone on top of the onion rings, took the coupons for the kids and said, “Count on it. I will be there.” And I left pronto! Sometimes God gives you a sign.

I have a Guardian Angel. I like to think of him as Michael, right hand of God. But instead of a sword, he sometimes carries an ice cream spoon that says, “Tastee Freeze.” After all, doctors are Angels. Thank you for all the good thoughts over the years. We have felt them. Roaring Mouse, over and out.