I should say something about my dear husband Bill since June 17 is our wedding anniversary. Forty-eight HAPPY years is the correct response I expect from him. However, he has been neglected lately, with the coming of two new Pomeranian puppies for my sister Maggie, a new kitten, Moody, for my brother Arch, and two new cats, a mother, Ghost, and kitten, Pumpkin, for my granddaughter Caitlin. I did not mean to be gone so much, but no one can resist new puppies and kittens.

Now, I am not speaking of Tom Selleck “resist,” I wish, or of Liam Neeson “resist,” I dream. I am speaking of that smell of puppy—it hits your nose, you snort it in, and you feel warm and wonderful. Then in a raging tide, they rush to you with all the force of a size 5 hurricane. They grab your pants legs or try to untie your shoes. They throw themselves off couches, chairs, and your lap. Then they cry piteously. You lift them up with the knowledge that if they have not been “potty” lately, you might feel damp soon. You don’t care. They lick your face and use their little sharp ninja turtle teeth to try to peel away you skin anywhere they can bite. And you DON’T CARE. Maggie, like all of us was bored to death. Her old Pom, Dandy, which she got from the Animal Control of Edgewood is getting on in years. She drove this year to Cuba to pick up these black and white darlings. Both just nine weeks old, it has been a long time since Maggie cleaned up after new puppies. “You lied to me, Jo. You said you’d come and help me with these pups. You came and played with them and went home.” Yeah, I did. I recommend to anyone who has pets with tiny little bladders to get puppy pads. They save wood, tile, or carpet floors. I must admit I drive into Albuquerque and break into Maggie’s house. I have a key. I play with puppies and then retreat to Edgewood. Now on to kittens.

My brother has been a fan of Edgewood Animal Control for years. I brought him his last kitten, Percy, a couple years ago. Kathy Smith, Court of Edgewood Administrator found a tiny kitten outside the courthouse. It was small and needed foster care. Lucky for Edgewood and the surrounding community we have a wonderful volunteer support staff. Miss Glory from Stanley, New Mexico took on the task. I do not know how you give up the little critter after you foster it. That takes courage. Here is to you Kathy, and you, Glory. Thank you.

The kitten had a bad eye. Getting someone to take a handicapped kitten might have been hard, but my brother, Arch, said, “No problem, I’ve got this.” So, I drove Mad Eyed Moody to his house. I went for a visit to see how the new jungle cat was getting along. Arch named him after the character in “Harry Potter.” He is all of that and more. Arch never allows cats on the dining room table, except now there is Moody. With his head cocked to see out of one eye and larceny in his heart, he rips apart the chairs and scares the other two grown cats. Maybe he really is a wizard.

The granddaughters have been taking turns coming to Edgewood to stay at Camp Grandma. My oldest girl, Caitlin, helped get the kitten for Arch and decided she could not live without the light orange and white Mamma Cat, Ghost, and her baby bright orange, Pumpkin. The cost to adopt is so reasonable. $32.50 and that includes spay or neuter. She did ask her parents and two more at the shelter went to the White residence. Caitlin’s sisters, Mackenzie and Victoria, welcomed the brood. There is nothing like kittens. They don’t have that new puppy smell, but they liven up your life if not redecorate your home. You didn’t need those flowered curtains, anyway. When we got married 48 years ago, I had Pomeranian dogs and Bill had cats. We love each other, but we really love our dogs and cats. According to Mark Twain, “The more I know about people, the more I like my dog.” Hug your pets during this time. They always have time for you. Roaring Mouse, glad to be in the corner. Out.